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Affairs With Married Women

Strange as it may seem, but most single women enjoy having affairs with married men. affairs_with_womenSounds crazy? But that is what recent polls and studies show. Women are just way too advanced and do not mind mingling and having naughty affairs with married men. The reason for such a trend may have many folds but the fact remains very surprising that ladies do enjoy being with engaged guys. The best reason may be the lack of commitment and burden of taking a relation to next level. In a cheating affair, the woman knows that she is safe and doesn’t need to be answerable to the guy. Since there is no surrendering of freedom, women enjoy using their time the way they want.

Financial independence has made women around the world make their personal decisions more confidently. Since they are career driven, having affairs with married men just means fun and gap in their busy schedules. They don’t anymore have to deal with any restrictions and boundaries which confine their living styles. The need for marriage is not longer a compulsion, it is now a choice that every girl wants to do after they have tested guys and enjoyed their relationship status. While single guys always ask for some sort of personal sacrifices and choices, affairs with married men are much more flexible. married_woman_lookingAnother reason is most married men are easily ready to jump into a relation involving single girls. Guys who have a boring marriage and look for spicing up their life, single women are easy to handle for them. Also older men have certain charisma that some young girls find attractive. Affairs with married men let them retain their young peppy life and yet enjoy the pleasure of knowing someone who is experienced in life. ‘Relations with zero maintenance’ and the policy “give and take” is the need of huge number of modern women. Women today take the charge of the relation and also the power to walk out of it anytime they feel.

Do women know that this is wrong? The most fundamental problem of affairs with married men is the feeling of guilt. Most women having affairs with married men know that they are somehow destroying a marriage. This often has been marked as a prime reason for depression in single girls. Just in case emotions come into a cheating affair, women get aggressive and may be demand the same things as men give to their wives. This can led to broken marriages and troublesome court cases. The key to have affairs with married men is to limit the involvement on personal front. Of course the physical need is inevitable in such affairs but it should not become a mental and psychological issue. Women involved in affairs with married men should have the courage to face the consequences in case the relation is revealed. All such cheating should be just aimed at temporary fun and the lesser is expected, the better satisfaction is achieved.